Your  future  is  waiting  on  you  to  discover  it,  not  to  determine it.

January 13, 2017

Tweet from Pastor Ron Carpenter of Redemption World Out Reach, Greenville, SC


Memories – –

Having a love of watching the birds,  I was late in December providing seeds of sort for my many kinds – cardinals, bluejays, woodpecker, wrens, you know the common garden types.  However, the feeders have been replenished and I have enjoyed watching them come to feast.  As jays are aggressive and selfish; until they get their fill, the others wait within a few inches on the porch banister, on the ground or on the porch floor.  Then away flies the jays and here come the crowd.  Male cardinal feeds on one side while the wrens, smaller jays eat around the corner of the feeder.  At any rate, love this view !

Took the time to scroll down several of my posts, see any replies that I may have missed, or any prayer requests I missed.  Found several goodies that probably here in 2017 may need an update of happenings.  One in particular is “On The Porch”.  I love visiting my porch.

New excursions may come in the Spring when my flowers have bloomed,  the visitors come back.  And day trips to exciting places.

The New Year 2017

Praises to our God that has brought us into the year 2017.  I had learned that the Hebrew year is 5777, watching a rabbi on my Christian channels.

Be encouraged that this is going to be a very great, awesome, and interesting year.  We will have a new leader as of January 20 and he will need prayer as never before.  I ask that all prayer warriors be in unity to pray for his selected cabinet members and pray the hearts of the members of Congress be prepared to agree with matters that are for the better of all.

God’s Word states that ” I will give the people the leader they deserve “.   Some citizens feel the new leader is a very good business man, true, I pray God surround him with Christian men and women that will show him in the Word God’s truth and pray that God give him wisdom to rule this people.

Be of good cheer Jesus said,  I have overcome the world.  The enemy has no power until it is given to him;  don’t give him any room.

In Jesus’ mighty name, I pray boldness, strength, courage, love, mercy, grace be extended to each that may read this post and you go forth energized, equipped by the Word of God and witness as God may direct you that 2017 will be a year of a very great harvest for the kingdom.

Love and God’s blessings to you




The angel appeared to Mary, chosen of God and told her she would have a son and call him Jesus.  His Hebrew name is Yeshua. 

No room in the inn.  What’s a young mother-to-be to do?  The innkeeper told Joseph there was lodging in the barn.   He took Mary and settled down in the barn.  Mary, coming close in contractions began to prepare for the newborn.  At the appointed time, He arrived.  Mary wrapped Him in swaddling clothes and laid Him in the manger (the animals feeding trough).  How humbling !  And I thank God for the three hospitals equipped when I gave birth to my four.

No baby shower given by friends and family;  No clothes, diapers, bottles, nothing, no time to have prepared for Him.  She had what she had, pieces of cloth, torn and wrapped His body.

What a glorious day !  Praise the name of the Lord.

The bright star shown to guide the three wise men to where He lay.  They brought gold, frankincense and myrrh, fitting gifts for a King.  And his heavenly Father had prepared these men’s hearts to bring these gifts.  Mary kept the spices for the exact time of the coming death.

I pray you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and may the New Year of 2017 be as good as it can possibly be, and our Heavenly Father shower down many blessings upon you and yours.